Meet your new I.T services company

We fix computer issues before they impact your bottom line.

"We aim to help businesses achieve their aims by being a partner not just a service provider."

Our Story

Founded in 2000 by James Murphy, SMART IT started with a desire to help other small businesses manage their IT and provide scalable solutions to help small businesses better complete at affordable prices.SMART IT has evolved a lot since then and expanded in 2016 through a merger with Quicksmart Computers to become the company we are today. Our ethos has remained the same though.We belive in keeping things simple.

Simple,efficient,Value-for-money IT solutions without the jargon.

Who we partner with

For us,size doesn't matter - we work with companies with 100+ employees to digital nomads surfing from one WIFI connection to the next. What is important to us is providing a valuable service. We take the time to get to know you so we can work out the most efficient solutions to your IT needs. If something goes wrong, we'll try to fix it before you even notice - and if you do notice, we'll get it fixed without a fuss and with minimal impact to your business. We can do this because we're your IT department and we're responsible for keeping you focused on running your business.

For over 16 years our experienced consultants have provided a diverse range of IT solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries including specialised services to real estate, education and finance organisations. We know what is required to keep your systems running optimally but more important we know what technology you need to maintain an edge in an ever changing and competitive business world.